Chimney Looking Rough?

If you have to purchase a new roof, sometimes removing a chimney is less expensive than a mason repair, as it is this case !


Does Your NEW Roof Leak

Would you be able to tell if your new roof was properly installed? This Picture is another perfect example of a job done by another roofer where the quality was not what they paid for.

Does this corner look like it has been done correctly? Would you even notice? Think it Matters? SURE IT MATTERS! A Simple Corner like this could end up causing thousands of dollars worth of damage, maybe not right away but it will. Homeowners Seldom go on the Roof and closely inspect the job after it is done, but WE SHOW YOU our job! Thanks to Advancements in Technology we can show you every inch of your roof without you even leaving your living room. At Hachey's Roofing we Ensure EVERY Inch of Your Roof is installed properly the first time. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Was it Done Right?

In this case a costly repair could have been avoided if the workmanship was better!
A Roof that should have had a 25 year life, was replaced over 10 years early due to water damage caused by the improper installation.
Was it worth saving a few bucks up front?


Increase the Value and Sale-a-bility


With a New Roof From Hachey’s Roofing your house has better curb appeal, more value and as a bonus a fully transferable warranty making it more attractive to potential buyers.


Concerns with your Skylight


At Hachey’s Roofing We Ensure your Skylight NEVER LEAKS, we are Experienced Roofers With a Proven Track Record and WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK!

Need Chimney Work

Are you Getting What you Paid For?
Look Closely on your quote, many times quotes will not include trouble area's like chimney flashing, new air exchanges or other necessary items making the quotes seem lower but costing you more in the long run.

We Do It Right The First Time!
At Hachey's Roofing we Ensure the job is done right! We give you the bottom line on your quote with no hidden charges, extra costs, or surprise add ons. We ALWAYS include EVERYTHING and ALWAYS come in on Quote. Check around before you decide to have a fly by night operation cover your most valuable investment. Our Work is COMPLETELY INSURED AND WARRANTIED giving you the peace of mind you deserve.